Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ups and Downs

David was able to get treatment number 3. His counts were up again and his potassium was down. We are back to a regular diet. Yeah! He is home sleeping now. We met two ladies in the treatment room, both of them go to Grace Baptist. I told one of them we would pray for her. Her name is Miriam, and she my age. She is fighting breast cancer for the second time, however this time it is stage four and has completely spread throughout her body. She has a daughter that is Avrielle's age. She was so cute, and even though most of the time she had tears in her eyes, she was smiling and she knew that God is in control.
I asked about my dad today and they told me that he had had the worst night he has had since he has been there. They gave him some tranquilizers to try and calm him down so he doesn't cough as much. I was sad to hear this since I just wrote that he seemed to be doing better yesterday. It's a wierd feeling to be rejoicing and disappointed at the same time.

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Chris & Georg said...

Hey Lauren,
Sorry to hear about your dad; though we are glad to hear that things are going well w/David.
Please know that we are praying for you and Miriam too.
Love to you all!
Chris & Georg