Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Counts are up!

The nurse called us tonight to tell us that David's white blood cells are up to 4.0. This is good news, but because it is artificially created, he still has to give himself injections for the next 3 days. Last weekend when he had the shots, they gave him a lot of bone pain, so please pray that he would still be able to work the rest of the week, and not have as much pain as last time. I am very thankful that his counts are up because Avrielle told me she had a sore throat today, and everyone close to us seems to be fighting the flu. Also, please pray for my dad to stop coughing. He was going to come to the kid's speech meet at school today, but he is not able to stop coughing for more than a few minutes. We are hoping the the chemotherapy will shrink the tumor in his lungs to give him some relief. The constant coughing is exausting for him, and makes it hard for him to even talk. Thank you so much!

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