Monday, February 25, 2008

Better Day

Today went much better than expected. I was a little nervous about bringing nanny to the hospital because it didn't seem like good timing, and everyone agreed. Katja will try tomorrow instead. She has been so amazing through this and she is such a blessing to my dad. She is really working hard at getting everything in order and still comforting him at the same time. I think my dad should be feeling a little bit better before we try to bring my nanny, since she took the news so hard yesterday. My dad did seem like he felt a little better today. He was more energetic and he talked about wanting to come home at the end of the week. He was also able to swallow some soft food and liquids too. He and David were having a contest to see who would lose their hair first. David had a two week head start, but I think my dad is winning! Avrielle and Chandler made another build -a- bear and named it Tiger Hockenberg. They dressed it in golf clothes and bought it a bag of clubs. They also recorded a message that said, "We love you so much Papa, feel better soon" They were so proud to give it to him. They also both wore their USC tee shirts to cheer him up. Avrielle asked Katja what else she could do to show him that she cares since they couldn't see him much tonight. He began to cough right when they got there. Katja suggested calling on the phone, so Avrielle asked if she could call him from school during her lunch recess so she would make sure not to wake him if he was sleeping. Both kids love their Papa so much. Rick and my mom brought some beautiful photos that Rick took on his camera to decorate the hospital room. Again, it was nice to have the whole family be together again today. Thank-you to everyone who helped shuffle the kids around for me this afternoon. It means so much to me.

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