Saturday, February 20, 2010

March Pet/Ct Scan

I am going to try to keep adding our old pictures from the past few months. I think I am close to Christmas now. It was about five months since the last time I updated. If anyone still reads this, I wanted to ask prayer about David's upcoming scans in March. Last time he had them done, it was a little traumatic even though everything was Ok in the end. During his last scan, the results showed activity in his stomach, possibly stomach cancer. His oncologist looked at the scan, got a second opinion and they also agreed. He ended up having a stomach biopsy and it came back clear. The original test results were a false positive. Anyway, during that time, which was about a month from start to finish, we honestly thought this was what our future was going to hold. We talked about funerals and all that good stuff. I know God is sovereign even over false positive test results and we had to seriously cling to Him and revisit all our priorities. (That isn't bad by the way.) I guess I'm just being honest and saying this time that I am praying that the results will show no cancer again and that they will be accurate. I wouldn't choose to go back to that time of uncertainty again, but if God wills than I want to do it cheerfully and peacefully and trust in God's plan without reservation. So would you pray for us???? Thanks

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goofing Around At Knotts

While the kids were riding the roller coasters, I tried to take a picture of Dave and me. We were cracking up because everytime I said lets do a serious one both of us would make a funny face without the other one knowing.