Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Dad

My dad checked into the hospital this morning after he awoke and saw that his neck had completely swelled up. It looked like a parallel line from his ears to his shoulders. The tumor is right in the center of his chest putting pressure on the superior vena cava, trachea and esophagus. Blood was able to go to the brain, but I guess it was being restricted on the way back down which created the swelling. This also explains his difficulty breathing and the huge amount of coughing he has had lately. He had radiation this morning, and will have it for the next few days. The doctors are hoping that this will reduce the size of the tumor and alleviate the pressure it is putting on everything. Pray that the radiation works! He is also getting steroids in an IV to help with the inflamation. My sister Tracey is trying to drive out on Sunday to visit. Pray for her because she is in the middle of moving to Colorado. She and her husband Andrew are trying to get there to start new jobs by March 1. Pray also for David. He was working outside at the shooting all last night in the pouring rain and he is super tired. We appreciate it so much.


Barqueros said...

Dear Lauren,
I will certainly be praying for everyone in your family - sounds like everyone is affected by things right now in some way or another. May the Lord give you peace and strength, and bless your dad with healing.


Jim and Dee Davis said...

Dear Beloved Smith Family,
Thank you for the updates and all the photos. We will continue praying for your family and for your dad. Thank you for the encouraging words and reminder to live our lives to bring glory to God!
Because He lives,
Jim and Dee Davis

Kelli I. said...

I have no words to share that would mean more than this: We are praying for you!

Walking in His Strength,
The Iverson's