Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Updates on Papa Rick

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your concern about Rick. He is at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks. He will be there for a few days. He had renal failure and the fluids are being emptied from his body and them being replaced with IV fluids and electrolytes. He is doing well and as expected. He has a cath and is uncomfortable. He said the pain was 10/10. After he was given pain meds, he felt much more comfortable. He slept five hours which is almost two nights sleep for Rick.He met with the doctor this A.M. and the dr said everything is goins as planned. There will be no permanent kidney damage. Rick will be released from the hospital in a day or two and will have surgery probably at the end of next week. He will wear the cath until surgery is performed. He is busy teaching the nurses how to care for him. "This is the best way to do an IV" "This is the best way to take blood pressure" "I need an IV before you can empty my Foley. The nurses have their hands full with him, but they will learn a lot from him.

Hi All,
It is 10:30 or so and I just returned from the hospital. It was a busy day for Rick as he met with the urologist, nephrologist, radiologist, and cardiologist today. That's not including the time spent with the phlebotomist, nutritionist, and nurses. He had blood drawn every six hours, had a CT scan and was poked and prodded ad nauseum. His pain level is still high and he is taking pain meds every four hours---this is unique for Rick because he never even takes an aspirin when he has a headache.
All of the doctors feel he is doing well. His blood work is showing signs of returning to normal. He will have an ECHO cardiogram tomorrow to verify he can have surgery and then he will be scheduled. It will be sometime within the next week, and Rick is hoping it will be sooner rather than later. He wants to get rid of his "new best friend", Foley.

The ECHO cardiogram went well and Rick was cleared by all drs to have prostate surgery tomorrow afternoon. He is happy to have all of his blood work and fluids in order so that he can do the surgery sooner rather than later. The thought of coming home with a cath and having to wait a week or so until surgery did not excite either one of us. Rick was so funny today---after taking the ECHO, he looked at the film and read and analyzed it himself. He checked out his left venticle and attached a number to his ejection fraction and pronounced himself healthy for surgery. Then he returned to his room and called the urologist and cardiologist and told them that he was definately healthy enough to proceed. I wonder if he'll get a rebate on a portion of his hospital bill? He is still in a lot of pain and is trying to adjust his medication to help with his discomfort. He was a little loopy when I left tonight. He said he was waiting for his medication, but he had already gotten it. I guess medicine isn't perfect yet!!!
Thanks for your good thoughts, Micki

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