Saturday, September 13, 2008

Papa Rick Doing Better

Update from mom:
Hi Everyone,
HE'S BACK. He has color in his face and is much more lucid. His train of thought is clear now. He is still in pain when the meds wear off, but when the drip is going, he is feeling no pain. He has a little fever and a slight cough. He is getting oxygen and has to breathe in that little machine that expands the lungs. The drs. wanted to do an MRI, but Rick told them he didn't want the dye in his kidneys and they changed their minds and said he didn't have to do it. He will have an ultrasound instead. Even though he is in ICU, he has his IPOD, IPAC, little radio and earphones, a portable radio, and his cell phone, a book, and three magazines. An active mind can never be slowed down!!!
Thanks for your concern, Micki

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