Monday, September 29, 2008

School Spirit Day

First let me say, I am sorry I didn't update sooner about the doctor appt.(Kelly:) The doctor was running over an hour late so David decided to reschedule it for another time. I was waiting to find out when the new appt. was going to be, but I still don't know. The kids had Spirit Day at their school on Friday. All the kids are put on a team composing of students from all the different grades. They come us with a name for themselves and a color. Avrielle's team was the Blue Hawaiian Surfers, and Chandler's team was called the Green Tropical Twists. The team leader planned lunch for the group centered around their color and name. For example Avrielle had to bring blue fruit and the other members brought blue jello, blue gatorade, sandwiches made with blue bread etc. Chan had to bring a green vegetable. (That was easy!) Then they all compete as a team in different events at lunchtime and PE. It is always so much fun!

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