Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing Chickenhead

Things are definitely getting back to normal at the Smith household. David is feeling better and is going back to work,we aren't going to doctors every other week, the kids are back in school, fall sports are starting, and my ladies Bible study is going to begin next week. Sometimes it feels lately like the trials this past year never happened. The only thing that is missing is my dad. I have wanted to call him so many times these last few weeks, and I can't. His voice is still on their home answering machine though. Chandler started playing flag football a few weeks ago, and my dad would have loved to come to one of his games and watch him play. His football homework was to watch the USC football game on television last Saturday. I know they would have liked to watch it together or talk about it on the phone. That is how Chandler learned about all the players. It has been sad few weeks. Even though things are routine, they are missing Papa. His name was Chickenhead to the kids. For some strange reason, one day when Chandler was about three years old and they were chasing each other, he said, "You're a Chickenhead," Then my dad said, "No, you're a chickenhead." On and on it went. Whenever my dad called to talk with Chandler, he always said, "Hi Chickenhead, when are you going to take me golfing?" Chandler would say, "No you're chickenhead, and when are you going to take me golfing?" It was kind of a ritual and even though it was silly, it made everyone laugh.
My sister Carissa went back to college after coming home for the summer, so it is the first time that Katja will be living alone. She had to give their dog, Kato away, but I think they found him a good home. She said my dad would have liked the place they found. I knew the year would be full of firsts for everything, and these are just some of them. I guess I didn't expect it until the holidays though. I just want him to be able to still see everything that is going on here because he would have been so happy.


Kelli I. said...

I'll type through teary eyes...You are such an amazing daughter and though I have not lost a parent, it is almost like I can feel your pain and sorrow b/c of how strongly you loved your dad. I will be praying that God will comfort you and cover you in His great love and fill you with His peace.

Natalie said...

I am happy to hear that Dave is feeling so much better. My husband lost his father almost 4 years ago now and watching Jon go through the first year was rough. It is also sad thinking that my boys won't have a grandpa around as they get older. Jon recently reminded my best friend who just lost her mom that in time the hurt and sorrow fades. I will remember to pray for you and the kids as the holidays approach.