Friday, September 12, 2008

Surgery went well, recovery not so good.

Update from mom:
Well Murphy's Law officially entered the picture. Everything was going well, right on schedule until the surgery. They came to get Rick at 8:30 which was many hours before the scheduled afternoon surgery. He was finished by 11:00 and the surgeon said everything went well. I was called into recovery to see him around 4:00 because they had called the urologist back to the hospital thinking Rick was bleeding too much and they needed to know if he would have to go back into surgery. He had a temperature of 101.3 and signs of an infection. He was not breathing well, blood pressure was 240/120, and he was in congestive heart failure. They added two more drs to the team--an infectious disease specialist and a pulmunologist. Rick was in a lot of pain, very aggitated, and all he wanted to do was go home. The drs, now five in number, decided that going back to surgery was not necessary, but he needed chest xrays, blood work, antibiotics, oxygen, and heavy duty pain meds through his IV. He spent seven hours in recovery and finally at 6:00 tonight was moved to ICU where he will have a little vacation. By the way, the care is amazing in ICU. He is getting some color back, and his temperature is down to normal. He is not quite making sense yet, and he drops off to sleep in mid sentence. He hasn't eaten food yet, but the good news is he feels no pain thanks to the meds. So, the cause of all this --- a blockage the size of a tennis ball which the surgeon removed. Rick will be so happy to get home in a few days, cath and all!!
Good night, Micki

Pray for Chan... We would all like to see Papa Rick get better, but Chan is especially worried that what happened to Papa Bob won't happen to Papa Rick too.

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Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

good grief woman, I cannot believe you are blogging about someone else having surgery! :) I will be praying for you guys and totally get where Chandler is coming from! Hope YOU are ok too!!