Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where's A Pillow ?

Well, I met Dave at the doctor yesterday. It was at Cedar Sinai Hospital. His appt was at 1:30, but I got stuck on the 4o5 for 2 hours due to an accident earlier in the morning. It was so funny because they gave him a stack of papers to fill out, but he was purposely trying to stall until I got there. I think the receptionist thought he was really "slow" if you know what I mean. Then, I had to call for directions about 3 or 4 times because all my mapquest said was turn right on Beverly, but it didn't say if it was Beverly Glenn, Beverly Drive, Or Beverly Blvd. They must have thought David and I were made for each other! We didn't get home from that appt until about 6:45. Remember now, David had been up since 4 am, so he was pretty tired. Then, right as we were about to go to sleep, the phone rang and it was his work saying he had a call out. He had to get dressed and drive to work and was out all night. Everyone else from his team was able to come home at 10:00 am this morning, but we had a doctor appt at USC at 12:15. So David was in the waiting room and he kept doing the head bob thing with his neck flinging back every 5 min. The people around us must of thought he was really having bad side effects considering it was only noon and he couldn't keep his eyes open! We had a really good appt though, and are really pleased with our new doctor. She talked with us for about an hour and we learned a lot. Afterward, I drove David home, and we left his car at work. Hopefully there won't be any calls tonight, or I'll have to pack everyone up in the car to take him back there. His last treatment will be next Tues, and hopefully the next scan will show the cancer is still all gone.


Kelli I. said...

We're thankful for a good doctor appt and that the doctor spent so much time with you. I hope Dave got a good night of sleep! We will continue to pray that the test results will show that he is CANCER FREE.

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

so happy you have found great doctors - you live in Los Angeles, so OF COURSE traffic is always the thing that sends us over the edge! hahaha

Monique said...

Hi Dave and Lauren,
Just praising the Lord that you found a great doctor. They are hard to come by. We check you blog for updates every couple of days and have been praying for you. Hopefully we can see you guys at PBC sometime soon! Take care!
Darrin and Monique