Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

The proud teammates: Chandler, Dae, Avrielle and Sage wearing their swim team shirts.
Avrielle finishing first in her breast stroke.
Chandler winning his 100 Individual Medly. He's all smiles!
This is a picture of him in his final lap. He is wearing the black cap, while the other team in the yellow caps are still going the other way! ( I'm not a proud mom or anything!)
Avrielle at a hometown 4th of July Parade. This parade was in front of his co-worker's beach house in Ventura. The men and Chandler went fishing, while the wives and Avrielle watched the parade. Dave and Chandler caught 2 more sharks within the first 5 minutes of fishing. Dave and Chris Hoglo, a friend from church, caught another shark the week before in the same spot. I'm not sure I ever want to swim in the ocean in Ventura anymore.

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