Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hollywood Bowl Adventure

On Monday our family went to the Hollywood bowl with the Mersch family to learn about the music, art and culture of Peru. The Cooks were going to come too, but Henry got sick. (We hope you feel better soon, Henry!) The kids picked an art project to make, and then we listened to a wonderful and educational concert. Afterward, Shannon and I decided to make the day a complete learning experience by going to lunch in a Peruvian restaurant. Shannon asked one of the dancers if he knew of anywhere that was close and inexpensive, and He said yes. So, we headed off on our adventure through the streets of Hollywood. (This restaurant happened to be on Beverly Blvd too, which gave me a chuckle if you read my earlier post about all the Beverly's in Hollywood) Luckily, Shannon was driving, and she had a Thomas guide, so we were prepared. We found the restaurant, which wasn't close, and then we were seated and soon found out that it wasn't inexpensive either!! We had to make the embarassing decision to tell them after all of us were seated that we decided not to eat there after all. It was now pretty late and everyone was hungry, so the closest place that looked safe was KFC. I have never seen a KFC with a bullet proof window in front of the cashier, but remember, this was an adventure. All in all, it was a great day and Shannon and I are still up for trying Peruvian food somewhere. Any suggestions?

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