Monday, July 28, 2008

Shark Tale

Early last week, David heard from a friend that there were Thesher Sharks swimming off the Ventura coast. He got it in his head that he was going to catch one of these big sharks in his "little fishing boat". So after picking up two of his fishing buddies, Jim Sojka and Chris Hoglo, at 5:00am Saturday morning, they drove out to the harbor to launch the boat. After trolling up and down the coast for several hours, they finally hooked one, and boy did it fight good. After reeling it in for 10 to 15 minutes, they finally hoisted it into the boat. ( not like there was any room for it in the "little boat" with three grown men, but they had to prove they caught one) After they took pictures, they wisely decided there was no place for it to fit still swinging its tail, and they decided to throw it back and let it see another day. Even though I've heard shark is good to eat, I'm not sure I would have known the first thing to do with it. Can you imagine him asking me to put it in a pan and cook it for dinner?????


Shelly said...

Now that's a fish story. No need to stretch the story when you have pic's to prove it.

Glad you let him see another day.

Have a good one,


carolina clan said...

Whoa!!! And, no I can't imagine...I would just look at him and laugh...and I'd tell him he caught it so he can worry about the rest!!!
That's so cool though!