Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Little Words

Yesterday, while I was having lunch with some friends my phone began to ring. My husband, my sister and Katja all called to say that my dad was getting worse instead of better. He was only able to whisper a little bit and not really able to cough anymore. The doctors are still unsure if this is all a side effect of the radiation, or if the tumor is growing and compressing the airway. Either way he to too weak to do an x-ray, and the treatment would be the same. I went to the hospital and sat with Katja and him. Carissa drove up early for her Easter break and arrived late last night. Tracey is flying in this afternoon. He asked me to pray with him so I sat on his bed, and we held hands and prayed. As I was leaving for the night, he whispered, "I Love You," and even those are only three little words, they said everything.


Kelli I. said...

I am thanking the Lord that your dad had enough breath to say those 3 small yet such meaningful words to you. We are still praying.


What a blessing to have your dad ask you to pray with him...that time will always be a special memory for you. Like Kelli said thank you Lord that he had enough breath to say those special "Three Little Words" which meant so much. I continue to pray for you all. You are such an inspiration to me Lo. I love you so much!!

Chris & Georg said...

We are so sad to hear about your dad! Praise God for those THREE LITTLE WORDS, with such BIG meaning! Christ loves you too, and will see you all through this extremely tough time! You are in our hearts!
Chris & Georg

Lance M. Roberts said...

We pray regularly for you all and your dad, and are grateful to the Lord for the time you had to be with your him and to pray with him. We will certainly continue praying for you all.

Lance & Sandy

carolina clan said...

Lauren, I miss you all the way across the country!!! I wish I were there just to give you a big hug. You have been sooo strong through all of this, a true steward of the Lord. Continue to walk in His path and He will continue to lift you up and give you strength.
All our love and prayers,