Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dad is Going Home Tomorrow!

My dad is getting his 3rd chemo treatment today, and is then planning on going home tomorrow! Katja is spending all day getting trained on how to administer the various medications. Although he is home, he will still need someone with him around the clock for a while. He will still have 10 more radiation treatments on a daily basis and I'm not sure how many more chemo treatments. The swelling in his neck and arms has decreased which is a good sign that the tumor is not putting as much pressure on the Superior Vena Cava. Hopefully it will last. I plan on going there to visit on Saturday and bringing my friend Charissa's famous blended tortilla soup. It is really tasty, and I think it will be welcomed after having hospital food. David starting giving himself the injections again(six this time) and so far so he is still feeling pretty good. Yeah! He is hoping to spend some individual time with each of the kids this weekend doing something fun. Avrielle has already made her list of ideas so we will see what they pick.

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Lance M. Roberts said...

This is reason for praise! We've been praying for your Dad & Dave! Love, Lance & Sandy