Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day out in the Sun

This picture was actually taken last Friday. Dad was feeling well so we took him outside to sit in the sunshine for a while. It felt so good to be outside among the pretty flowers and trees. Earlier that morning, a mom from the kids school organized a prayer meeting for him and our family even though she has never met him. A ton of moms came and a dad too! It was so encouraging to hear everyone pray. It was also a good feeling to be doing exactly what God wants us to do; pray and trust in Him for His perfect will to be done. It meant a lot to my dad too when I told him that so many people that didn't even know him took time out of their morning to talk to God on behalf of him. Last night when I came, he had taken morphine and a tranquilizer so he was very tired, but he was able to talk to the kids for a short while. He told them how much he has enjoyed watching them grow up and how he loved playing hide and seek and chicken head with them. He told them how much he enjoyed their swim meets, soccer games, tee ball, piano recitals, and musicals. Most of all, he told them how proud he was that they were such sweet kids, that they had good manners, and he was happy that they loved God. It was a precious time.

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Kelli I. said...

What a wonderful time that must have been to watch a Grandpa talking to his grandchildren that he loves so much. May the memory of that special conversation last for years to come.