Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bass Lake

Early Wednesday morning, David had his fifth chemotherapy session. Afterward, I loaded everyone in the car, picked him up, and we all headed up to Bass Lake. My friend Mattie's parents own a house up there and they invited us to come up for Easter break several months ago, before this all happened. We had a very restful time. Our big event each day was the walk up the road to the village store. The kids had a great time playing up there. Chandler was able to hit golf balls and shoot bee bee guns at the weather vane in the yard with Josiah, while Avrielle made up dances with Shainah, styled hair, and read books. David slept a lot and caught up on some work. I enjoyed cooking with Mattie, taking naps and reading magazines. I kept saying how glad I was to be there and it felt so good to get a way for a few days. It still is really hard thinking about my dad. When we were driving home, I thought about how I usually called him to tell him when we were back from our trips. Avrielle had a hard time playing piano tonight because she remembered that the last time she played for him on the phone a month ago, he told her that she could call him anytime and he would listen to her play. Little things like that have been sad for us, and I'm sure they will be for a long time. Tracey flew back to Colorado yesterday, and Carissa drove back to San Diego to finish the rest of her midterms. On Tuesday is Katja's birthday so we will all go out to dinner. Well, I guess I'm starting to babble. I just wanted to bring everybody up to date since I hadn't written in a few days.


Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

you have to tell Mattie hi for me! so glad you blogged, I've been thinking about you this week. Hope you guys are doing ok!

Kelli I. said...

I don't mind reading your "babbling". :) I am so happy that you had a relaxing time with your family.