Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 13th Anniversary

These pictures were taken for our 10 year anniversary. I was
going to tell the story about how we got engaged, but I'll save
that for another time, since it is getting late. David had Chemo
#10, and it was hard again today, but thankfully he only has
two more left. Kristen Wells brought us our favorite family
dinner to eat tonight which we really enjoyed. What a treat!
I'll try to write more later. Bye for now!


Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary Dave and Lauren! Wow, 13 years now, praise the Lord. I remember when we were all in the CSUN study together and Lauren shared with the "girls" that she had a crush on David and we all thought it was a perfect match. The Lord thought so too long before we dreamed that it would be a great match. May you both continue to deeply love our Savior and may His deep love continue to grow your love for one another.

Because of His rich grace,


Kelli I. said...

Happy Anniverary Dave and Lauren. The pictures from your 10th are gorgeous! Much love to you and your family.

carolina clan said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! Great pictures! We miss you guys!

Lance M. Roberts said...

Congratulations! Lord willing I can see you all when I'm in LA in a few weeks!


Cindy said...

Congrats Dave and Lauren! I agree with Kelli, those pictures from your 10th are great! Hope you have a great day!