Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Golf Lesson

Today Dave, Chandler, and I began golf lessons. Up until today I had never swung a club, and boy do I stink!!!! Golf is a lot harder than it looks. I pretty much looked like I was bowling the whole hour with the exception of about 10 hits. Growing up, my dad was always super serious about everything he got involved in. When I was young it was tennis, so every weekend he dragged us out to the courts to play so he could get his workout. If we weren't at the courts, then we were hitting balls against the handball courts at the local high school. He would practice his tennis swing in front of the TV every night. Later as I grew up, that passion turned into golf, and he ate, slept and breathed golf. After having three daughters, he finally got a grandson. So as soon as Chandler got to be around five years old, my dad started taking him to the driving range. Even though they weren't able to go that often, golf became Chandler's passion too, and every time he talked to Papa on the phone, his first question was, "Papa, when are you going to take me golfing again? My dad offered to pay for Chandler to go to a week of golf camp last year, and he was going to do the same this summer. Neither David or I have ever golfed, so when my dad died, the chances of Chandler getting someone to take him golfing were pretty slim. We just didn't know what we were doing. Katja gave my dad's golf clubs to David a few weeks ago, so we all decided to take a set of group lessons together. We were at the range, and Chandler was lined up in the middle of us. If you can picture it, David and I were rolling all of our balls, and Chandler was effortlessly hitting them all in the air, far off into the sunset(not really, but you get the picture.) People were staring to stop and stare at the three of us because we were such a sight, and I was starting to sweat! (Not because it was 1:00 in the afternoon on a 100 degree day,) I was totally embarased! One guy said to me, "Don't worry, I'm not watching you, I'm watching your little guy" After an hour, we then moved to the putting green and I was finally able to hang. I've heard the game is won or lost on the putting green, so maybe I have a chance after all. I really wanted to call my dad afterward and tell him how it went since he would have been so excited, but since he isn't here I can write about it instead. I know he would have encouraged me and gave me a few tips...well maybe a lot of tips, and told me to stick with it, and tell me how much I'll love golf one day, so that's what I'm going to try to do. Hopefully before my next lesson next week I'll be able to hit some more balls actually in the air. By the way, if any of you golfers out there have any advice, feel free to let me know. I need all the help I can get!


Shelly said...

Lauren you are funny. I am praying for you especially today since it is Father's Day.

I would like to get into golf too. I have not put the time in yet and my dad wants me to play too. In college I had to take a golf course and I have taught golf a few times at work or in a home schooling PE class that I teach. I have 3 basic tid bits of advise for you.
1) keep your head down looking at the ball on the ground even for a short bit after you have hit the ball.
2) swing like you are swinging around the inside of a vertically hanging hulla hoop.
3) don't swing like tennis raquet or a baseball bat. It's completely different.
Have fun. I am going to try to go out and play a little this summer too, I'll let you know how it goes.

Because of Christ,

Kelli I. said...

So fun! I love that you are carrying on your dad's legacy through a sport that he loved. What a special time for Chandler, too. He must feel so loved because you and Dave are spending time learning something new to enjoy with him.

Dhon said...

Lauren, I'm really as bad as you are describing, too! Dhon and I went golfing right before we started dating, and if he didn't already know what an unathletic girl he was getting, he learned that day!

Keep it up - I know Chandler appreciates your efforts!


Chrisie said...

Now I know why you were going to the driving range tonight! I was thinking, "Wow those Smith's are such committed golfers!" Now I know the real reason behind the trip! (I can't even imagine if I tried to swing a golf club -- look out fellow golfers...someone might lose an eye!)

I think it is sooo great that you are trying to support Chandler in this new venture. It is going to mean so much to him one day.

See ya in the morning!!