Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Away

This weekend, my aunt let us use their beach house in Ventura for the weekend. Our friends Charissa and Tate watched the kids. The weather was beautiful. We were so thankful to be able to get away and spend the weekend together. It came at the perfect time because David is still battling this miserable cough. He went to the doctor last Tuesday and that doctor said everything is clear in his lungs, but the cough is still really bad. He can feel fine one moment and then cough for up to an hour straight without being able to talk the next. It was nice to just be able to read and rest for him without any distractions or interruptions. We will be going to see his oncologist on Tuesday, so hopefully we can find out what is going on. I'm not sure if he will end up having treatment #8 or not. David doesn't see how it would be possible, but we will see what the doctor says about it. I am planning on making him a goody bag for his queasiness with moist towelettes, Listerine pocket packs, ginger candy. ginger ale etc. If any of you have any other ideas of something that works, let me know before then. Please pray that the treatment will go smoothly and we will figure out what this cough is all about. Thanks


Kelli I. said...

Beautiful pictures of such a sweet couple! I am thankful that you were able to get away with your hubby. I will be praying for Dave's cough to subside and that he is able to receive treatment #8.

Judy W. said...

Does Dave get premeded with 32mg of Zofran? Reglan and benadryl? Most pts need a cocktail of anti-nausea drugs to or email anytime.

Grace Mark said...

I know this might sound really stupid, but sometimes I cut up ginger and put it in a hot cup of water to make real ginger tea for Andrew's nausea. Even our med. onc. last year had recommended it to us when Andrew was on 3 major drugs, Emend being the most powerful, that still weren't doing the trick.

Also, everybody reacts differently to the drugs. One of the anti-nausea steroids Andrew was on made him feel like he had major caffeine. He decided not to take it the last chemo dose, and he slept for nearly 7 days, waking only to eat. Sleep was really what he needed and he was able to do that instead of be aware of the nausea. He said the worst kind of torture has got to be forcing someone to stay awake when all they really need to do is sleep.