Friday, May 16, 2008

Tagged Again ...How Time Flies

If you don't know how tag works, I'll explain it...Someone answers a set of random questions on their blog, and then they "tag" or list 5 blog readers to answer the same set of questions on their blog. So here goes. This one was hard.
What I was doing 20 years ago today(May 16, 1988)
Let's see, I was in 11th grade at Granada Hills High School. I ran on the track and field team after school, and worked at Primetime Airport Shuttle.
What I was Doing 15 years ago today(May 16, 1993)
David and I were dating and attending Grace Community Church together in the college department. He was a reserve police officer and worked as a campus security officer. He majored in Hospital Administration. I was working as a teacher's aide in 2nd grade class and finishing my teaching credential at Cal State Northridge.
What I was doing 10 years ago today (May 16, 1998)
I was a bridesmaid in my friends Sandy Torres and Lance Roberts wedding. Happy Anniversary guys! I hope I have the date right. Avrielle was 9 months old, and the day before the wedding, she tried to eat a bunch of dried flowers. It was the first time I told her, "No!", and she looked at me and ate them anyway.
What I was doing 5 years ago today(May 16, 2003)
Five years ago, I was unpacking boxes. We moved on Mother's Day weekend to our new house which was only a block away from our old house. Chandler was three years old and decided it would be fun to climb the stairs on the opposite side of the railing. That was my first clue that he is definitely all boy!
What I was doing one year ago today( May 16, 2007)
I think I was trying to see if I could get a copy of David's Birth certificate for our Hawaiian cruise. We planned the trip at the last minute, and I thought he needed a birth certificate. We had already paid for the airline tickets and the cruise, and it was all non refundable. David didn't have a valid copy of his birth certificate, and we wouldn't have been able to get one for several months because it had to be special ordered from Sacramento. I think I was panicking. By God's grace, we didn't need one for Hawaii, but we would have been out all the money if we had stuck with our original idea of going on a cruise to Mexico. The trip was amazing and I am so thankful it all worked out.
What I did yesterday( May 15, 2008)
I woke up to a quiet house. It was the first day David has been to work in 3 weeks. I helped the kids with their home school assignments, folded laundry, changed sheets, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner and school lunches for the next day. I went to the chiropractor, read a little bit, made some phone calls, answered e-mails, and watched Tuesday's American Idol on TIVO after we put the kids to bed.
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Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

oh my gosh, are we really that 'old'?? I don't feel that anything could have been 20 years ago! HA! Hey, what is Sandy's blog or email address? I would love to write her!! Hope your day is going great, we definitely need to get together! :)