Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim Finals

Last Saturday, the kids swam in the league finals at our aquatic center. They had a great summer and loved their coaches this season. Chandler was able to advance to festival where Santa Clarita will compete with other cities in Southern California at the USC Olympic stadium next Saturday the 23rd. He is excited because he now thinks he can eat 12,000 calories a day like Michael Phelps. Although Avrielle didn't quite make it this year, I was so proud of her because her coach gave her the most outstanding swimmer award. This award doesn't necessarily go to someone with the most athletic ability, but rather someone who displays good character. Her coach praised her for always having a positive attitude, being cheerful, working hard, and encouraging others. I know she would have liked to advance to the next level, but I would much rather her win this award any day!

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