Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day

We have been preparing for the first day for several days now, and I can't believe it's actually here. As I was helping Avrielle lay out her clothes for sixth grade, I couldn't believe that I still remember what I wore for the first day of sixth grade! I thought I was so cool in my Jordash jeans, purple Izod shirt, and penny loafers with a real penny! The time has gone by so fast. After I dropped them off and took plenty of pictures, some of the moms and I went out to breakfast at Emle's. It was so yummy! I ordered their famous french toast, but instead of regular french toast their french toast is on steroids. It comes with a fried funnel cake on top dusted with powdered sugar. Can anyone say sugar high? That with the 3 cups of coffee was plenty to get me fuel for my day of shopping. I had been waiting till the kids went back to school to do a major stock up, and since I had all day to wait in the valley for them, I got a lot done. For those of you that may read the blog but don't really know us that well, Our kids school is kinda unique because they get to go to school 3 days a week and then they are home schooled 2 days a week. Tomorrow will be our first day at home, so I was trying to get all organized for that. When I picked them up, both of them couldn't wait to tell me what a fun day they had. Avrielle said she loves her teacher so much she wants to go live with her. Then she took it back in case it hurt my feelings. I was glad she was so thrilled. Chan couldn't believe that he actually had to do work, but he said his teacher is very soft spoken and structured. I was surprised at his use of adjectives. Normally neither one of them want to talk about their day on the ride home. I always have to wait until bedtime.(Funny how they become chatty all of the sudden, but I'm used to it) Anyway, they both talked all the way home. We are looking forward to a great year.

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Chris & Georg said...

LOL, cute pictures of the kids first day of the way, it's a good thing we didn't go to the same school, because I wore the same thing...I'm not sure if I wore that on the 1st day, but I definately had that outfit! Jordache jean, purple polo, and don't forget the Cherokee heels!
Aughhh, what a great look...did you wear Ditto's too?