Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shark Tale the Sequel

David invited Kent Richardson to come shark fishing this morning. Kent had just returned from a weekend of trout fishing without a bite. They set sail at 6:45 from Ventura Harbor and drove 6 miles down the coast. Within 20 min this little guy jumped on their hook.
After 10 minutes of reeling, Kent had to take off his jacket.
After 10 more, he had to sit down.....
Surprise, Surprise...Would it fit in the boat?????
Boy was it heavy! Maybe 80 pounds????
Can they lift it up?
It's in!
What should we do with it?
Can we tie it to the top of the car and bring it home? Honey, Do you have a pan big enough to cook it in?
Another shark lived to see another day.


carolina clan said...

very glad though it had a "happy" ending:)

Natalie said...

Wow, how exciting! But that is kinda scary that there are sharks not too far from the coast!