Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ps. my dad

My dad's surgery went well. They think he might have Lymphoma too in his lungs instead of Lung cancer. It is still cancer, but more treatable. He won't know for sure until the biopsy comes back next week.

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Eileen Z. said...

Dear Lauren,
I am saddened to hear of your dad and Dave's illness plus both coming at the same time. This is not what the "Sandwich Generation" originally meant! I admire you for your strength and see that you are living each day in and with your faith, hope and the knowledge that every moment spent with those we love is a blessing.
You and Dave have produced for the world two charming and wonderful children who are taking courage in seeing you both face this trial with the gifts above.
I will keep you all in my thoughts/prayers daily and know from personal experience that the outpouring of emotional support from everyone who knows you can provide a healing power of its own.
I see you have offers of a fax and will add the offer of the use of ours and/or our commercial size copy machine however, both are at our home office here in Northidge but perhaps you will be passing on to and from someplace.
I check emails 4-6 times daily and phone messages so just give us 24 hrs. notice.
Here's a hug-