Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Treatment

I took this picture of David getting his first treatment. This part took about 4-5 hours. Luckily he brought his Ipod. His chair was right by the bathroom, so he amused himself by taking stats of how often everyone in the room had to go. (one lady went at least 15 times.) What a fun way to pass the time!:) Also, David made me laugh when the nurse came to check his wrist band each time she gave him medicine. He asked her if that was in case someone from the outside wanted to sneak in and get a shot of chemo. He could sell his wristband on the black market.

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Lance M. Roberts said...

Hello Dave,

We continue to pray for you and are encouraged by your God-honoring approach to your situation. It is a joy to hear of your testimony already on the first visit to the treatment center.

I remember Lauren mentioning that you had a presentation for work. Did that go well?

We appreciate you all keeping us posted on things so we can know how to better pray for you all. We count it a privilege to go to the throne of grace on your behalf.

Love in Christ,
Lance & family