Monday, January 21, 2008

Our First Post

Hi Everyone, I have entered the blogging world, so please bear with me while I learn how to do it. I guess I'll give an update on David first. He had a PET scan early this morning, and then he went off to work. On his way home around 6:00, he got a call out, so it will be a late night for him! He has an appointment on Wednesday in which we will learn the results of the Pet and possibly begin the chemotherapy. I'm not sure how long it will take or what the immediate side effects will be if any. We knew the moment that we found out he had cancer, that God was going to use this in our lives to teach us a lot of things, and I know this has been true for me already in just a few weeks. First, I can say for sure that God does give peace in trials. I have been sad at times, but I know for sure that God is with us and He loves us. It is funny to me because I can trust God and feel calm in this Big trial, but it is still the little everyday things that get to me. I don't know if I thought I would be suddenly spiritual or something, but it threw me for a loop when I realized that I can trust God with my husband's life and still get anxious and frustrated about finishing homeschool in the same breath. I guess walking in the spirit is truly a moment by moment thing. The second thing God has shown me so far is how much I need to improve in the area of encouraging other people in their trials. Whenever people called us those first few days, it really helped us focus on the Lord, and we felt so loved by God though His people. In the past, I hesitated to call people who were in a trial because I thought they were probably getting too many phone calls, or maybe if I said something it would make them cry, or I thought what I would say would be dumb, but it really is a blessing to have people call you and I am going to try and do better in that area. Third, I have learned to hope only in God. At first we were trying to learn so much about the cancer, and we still are a little, but it was getting so overwhelming. All the information about diet and nutrition and supplements all seemed to contradict. A few days ago, we realized that there is not a sure answer, because if there was, we would probably put our hope in that and not in God. We still want to be as healthy as we can now, but we know that what we eat is not going to heal us. Well, I guess that is a lot for now, I just wanted to remember all the things God has done so far. I'll try to write on Wed. Here are some prayer request until then.
1. My dad is having a lung biopsy on Wed too. Please pray for him.
2. The process of getting a second opinion has been confusing. Pray that we would be able to figure it all out soon, and that the opinion would be helpful.
3. Pray for the chemotherapy process We are expecting the usual unpleasant side effects, but I hope there aren't any surprises.
4. Pray that we would learn all that God has for us, and glorify Him though it all. Thanks


Kostjuk5 said...

Dear Smith Family,
We are praying for you and love you guys. We are here if you need anything. Praying specifically for each one of you through this time.
All our love,
Ashley, Todd & kids

Kelli said...

Dave, Lauren and Kids,
I feel encouraged and blessed after reading your post. We have been and will continue to pray for you all during this difficult time. May you comforted and find peace through our Sovereign and Loving God. It was so wonderful to re-connect with you at PBC last month. Know that you are loved, thought of and prayed for often.

Walking In His Strength,
Jon & Kelli

Kelli said...

Lauren, We will continue to pray for your family. Your kids are so big! I can't believe Chan Chan! Good to hear how you are doing. Matt and Kelli

Bob said...

Dear Smith Family,
You have all been through quite a trial this past month. Your response to this has been one that we can all use as an example of what the Lord's peace is all about! You have been a great encouragement to others who may be walking through their own difficulties. We will continue to pray for each one of you. May God continue to draw close to you and be a comfort to you through the long haul.
The Curry Family

Ed Cook said...

Dear Smith Family,
We pray for you every night and praise God for how you're glorifying Him in the midst of this difficult time. It's inspiring to us how you're leaning on Him alone. Please continue to keep us posted.
Ed, Caroline and Henry Cook

Mersch Family said...

Smith's: "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." You are living out these verses right now and it is bringing much praise and glory to the Father. The Lord is near--He is near to you and His coming is nearer with each passing day. Thank you for your example of living today for Him.

Love and a big hug,

Georg said...

Hey Smith Family,
Please know that we are in constant prayer for you and your family. We are here if you should need anything. We love you all very much, and we look forward to our next trip together!
The Hoglos

Judy and Steve said...

Lauren and David,

Please know that Steve and I are praying for you. We cannot imagine exactly what you are experiencing, but we do know that our God is a "faithful God who does no wrong." (Deut. 32:4) And we take great comfort in that for you. Thanks for sharing all that you are learning. You are a blessing as you walk through this trial.
Judy and Steve
PS we are so old I cannot get the system to work to answer you on your blog so I am hoping that sending an email will work. I have experienced this over and over with the Kostjuks as well. :)

Dhon said...

Dear Smith Family,

Dhon and I are praying that the peace you've felt so far will continue as you keep your eyes on Him through this time.


Dhon and Lori Wellons

Mersch Family said...

Wed. 1st Chemo: I am praying for you guys today. Though you don't know what lies ahead with chemo side effects and effectiveness, the Lord does. He is already there and will be there as you meet each moment.

Much love,