Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Traditions New and Old

Here is a picture of our tree. It's funny because I grew up without a Christmas tree, so when we got married and started having one, I dreamed of decorating the perfect themed tree like you see in stores, but each year my children bring home these precious ornaments that only a child could make, and they insist on putting them right in front. I've given up on a beautifully themed tree and now I let the kids decorate it however they want and I resist the urge to move the ornaments the way I would like them to be. Today, I caught my dog eating the new ones that the kids baked and painted last week at a friend's house. Happy ate the paint and everything. Hopefully she won't get sick and the kids will learn to put the food ones higher up on the branches. It is also an annual tradition for David and I to fight about the size of the tree, or should I say "discuss" He thinks it is way too big, but I love it. I think this year he will win the debate since he is the one who has to get it down and put it away every year, and we will be Christmas tree shopping in a few weeks.
Here is our manger scene from Costco. Every year we hide the baby Jesus until his birthday, and every year Chandler asks..."If the baby isn't born, why have the wise men already arrived?" I don't know, it is just a tradition and I like bringing out Jesus on the 25th. It's just the way it is.
No tradition here... It's just our fireplace.
I have been collecting Christmas books, and we try and read one every night in December. If you know of any good ones, let me know.
This tradition is my favorite. Each year since the kids have been born, I have taken their pictures at The Picture People. I love displaying the frames and watching how they have grown up through the years. It was just a coincidence but the backgrounds ended up making a pattern of white and green. What traditions do you have at your house?????

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Natalie said...

I love your idea of hiding baby Jesus and I may just have to steal it! The idea, not the baby Jesus : ).