Monday, December 8, 2008

Chandler is All Boy!

I walked in Chandler's room because I kept hearing a loud thud noise and tons of giggling. What I saw was this picture. I think he was pretending to be sleeping so I wouldn't freak out and tell him to get down. He is not a good fake sleeper. ( Especially because 15 seconds earlier I was hearing loud thuds and giggling) So what were the loud thuds you ask??? It turn out that he was jumping from the top of his dresser across the room to his bed on the other side of the room! It bought back my fist memory of this house when I realized I truly had a "son". We had just moved in a day earlier and Chandler had just turned 3. The whole stair thing fascinated him. As I was unpacking the kitchen, I looked into the living room to check on him, and he had climbed up the stairs on the OPPOSITE side of the railing! He was only 3!!! Talk about not panicking. I had to coax him down while still trying to breathe at the same time. There are some things about boys I will never get used to.

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