Tuesday, November 4, 2008

David Swims ( I Mean Fishes) at Lake Castaic)

If you have tried to call David lately, and he doesn't answer his cell phone, it is because it doesn't work anymore. Why might you ask??? It sort of drowned when he fell out of his boat and into the chilly waters of Lake Castaic in the rain last Monday. David was fishing alone when he was trying to kick the trolling motor which was stuck with his foot. He lost his balance and fell clothes and all into the lake. I' m glad he is a strong swimmer and was able to pull himself back into the boat, but now I know what I am getting him for Christmas; a new cell phone and an inflatable life preserver. Make sure you tease him a little about this one...It's too good a story to let it go unmentioned.

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Sandy said...

What a crack-up!! Where's the video camera when you need it!!!