Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cranberry Classic Swim Meet

The kids swam in the Cranberry Classic this weekend. The video below is of Chan swimming the 50 breaststroke on Saturday. Usually this is his least favorite race because there are so many ways to get disqualified in it. For example, you have to touch the walls with both hands, you can't accidentally do a scissor kick, you have to watch how many strokes you take in the beginning pull out. It is way more complicated then it looks. Both He and Avrielle did a great job. Overall, I think dropped time in every event they swam which shows that all their hard work and effort is paying off. Sometimes practicing is hard work and swimming laps over and over again isn't a ton of fun, but it's days like this when they see their improvement that make it all worthwhile. If you want to pause the music to watch the video, just click on the blue music box on the sidebar and then push pause in the upper right hand corner.

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