Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You're Half Way There!

Last Saturday, our old Bible Study helped throw a "half way done with chemo party" for David. He was totally surprised, and felt so encouraged by everybody's love and support! This is a picture of David seeing Nathan for the first time. Nathan shaved his head just to support and encourage David.
Here is the cake that the girls picked out. He started to cry when he saw it, but don't tell Him I wrote that.
This picture was taken at the end of the night, so not everybody is in it, but we want to thank everyone who helped pull it off and made him feel so special. It was so much fun, and it came just at the right time!

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Kelli I. said...

What a great idea to cheer Dave on! I love it! I wish that we lived closer so that we could show our support. Please know that you are being loved and prayed for in Chicago.

Much Love,
The Iverson's