Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back from Treatment # 6

Well, we are back from treatment #6. We met with the doctor about having another PET scan in the next two weeks. This scan will show how well the treatment is working, so I'll keep you posted as to when that test will be. On a side note, treatment today was kind of tough for David. He became queasy the minute we walked through the doors of the hospital. After I left the treatment room, and he was all hooked up to the IV"s with nowhere to go, the woman next to him began to vomit repeatedly. They pulled a curtain around her, but David who was already nauseous could hear every detail. That's when he pulled out his cancer gift to himself, a new video i-pod. He blasted the volume up as high as it would go and tried to watch a movie for the next two hours. I felt so bad for Dave when he told me the story, but even worse for the poor lady next to him. It's nice to know there is technology like video i-pods and stuff to make it more bearable though and keep your mind off of whats happening. If it were me, I probably would have lost it and set off a domino effect of throwing up throughout the entire room.

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Kelli I. said...

Thankful that God protected Dave from getting sick...and happy that he has the ipod to keep his mind occupied during the treatment.