Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things From Facebook

This list is going around Facebook, but since it took so long to write, I thought I post it here for my Non Facebook Friends.

1. I am a major list maker. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is make a list of what I want to do during the day. I think I do this because I have a horrible memory. Sometimes I think I am getting dementia and I am only 37, or is it 36???

2. My high school boyfriend accidently cracked my head open with a golf club while we were on a date.

3. I always like to read a book before I see the movie, and I make my kids do the same thing. Maybe that is the teacher in me. At least I don’t make them compare and contrast the two.

4. I am a horrible speller, and it was so embarrassing trying to write words on the blackboard when I couldn’t spell. I think I was a good role model though because I would tell them that we are always learning, even me, and don’t be afraid to look things up in the dictionary. Thank goodness for spell check now!!

5. I have taken my 95 year old grandma grocery shopping almost every Sunday evening for the past 3 years.

6. When I was in junior high, I thought smoking grass was the same as smoking lawn grass, so I rolled some lawn grass up in a paper towel, lit it on fire, and tried to smoke it
7. On the same topic of smoking, my friend and I picked up used cigarette butts from the gutter and tried to smoke them because I was too afraid to get real ones. Gross!

8. I absolutely can’t sit in the inside of a restaurant booth. I have to be on the outside.
9. The thing I hate most about my body is my sweaty hands. I knew I was going to marry David when he held my hand and it didn’t bother him. By the way, he is the one who had to fingerprint me for my teaching credential, and I tried several times to get out of it. Unfortunately, Avrielle inherited sweaty hand too. Poor baby.

10. I used to be allergic to chocolate. Every time I ate some, I would sneeze continually for hours afterward.

11. I originally went to Cal State Northridge to be a Deaf Studies Major. It had one of the best programs in the nation at the time I went there. I took several years of ASL before my sweaty hands got in the way, and I had to change. I’m glad I wasn’t born deaf!

12. David and I met in the college department at Grace Community Church even though we both grew up in Jewish families.

13. I am very fortunate to have had Mattie for a friend for 30+ years. We grew up as next door neighbors and still talk almost every day. She has had the biggest influence on my life and I thank God for her constantly.

14. I came up with Avrielle’s name in a dream. When I was pregnant I was always thinking of baby names and somehow I woke up in the middle of the night and told David about it. I’m glad he liked it too.

15. I have cried more this last year than I ever have in my whole life.

16. I love trying new recipes but I never follow them exactly.

17. I got a “D” in my Junior High Sewing elective. It was supposed to be a kick back class.

18. My parents taught me how to snow ski when I was 5, and we went to Mammoth almost every month until I was 14.

19. Novocain wears off really quickly on me and several times I have felt the drill on my teeth. I hate going to the dentist!

20. My second and third toes cross over each other.

21. Parenting 2 children has been more challenging than teaching 34.

22. At my children’s swim meets, I get more nervous than they do. Major butterflies invade my tummy.

23. I should be cleaning my house right now instead of typing this. We are having company tonight. Yikes!

24. I don’t collect anything, but I have always wanted to and I love looking at other people’s collection of things. Does anyone have any good ideas?

25. I have really enjoyed reading the lists of friends that have done them before me. It takes time, but they are so fun to read. Thank-you.

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