Monday, February 2, 2009

2 updates

David had his doctor appt. at USC tonight, and the doctor said everything still looks good. She didn't feel any swollen glands, and his blood work was fine. He will have another PET scan sometime in March. The second update is that he didn't get the promotion he was hoping for this time around, but he did get a lot of positive feedback from his captain and lieutenant. He scored in the outstanding pool for the interview which means he was one of the top four candidates considered for the job. The two people that did get the job each had 10 to 15 more years seniority than he did. David studied so hard for the interview, and I am so proud of him. I know he feels good because he gave it his best shot even though the odds of getting the position were against him. So we are rejoicing in his health and in God's perfect timing for his place at work. Thanks for praying.

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Cherie Baker Vann said...

YAY and we will keep praying! we totally get the job thing :)