Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chandler's Thoughts on Proposition 8

As we were driving home from swim practice, there were a bunch of people holding signs on the street corner for and against prop 8. Chandler asked me from the back seat, "Mom, if prop 8 passes, does that mean you and daddy can't be married anymore? So, of course I answered Daddy and I love each other and we will still be able to be married. The people who are against it, want a man to be able to be married to a man and a woman to be able to be married to a woman also. I told him that the God's plan is for a man to be married to a woman and that is why we are voting for it. I left it at that and tried to keep it pretty simple. Chandler was quiet for a while and thinking in the back seat. Then he said, "Mom if a woman got married to a woman, they would have a ton of babies!" "Why do you say that Chandler?"Thinking in my mind, do I really want to go down this road?... He answers,"Well, the mommies are the ones who make the babies and if there are two of them then they would have a whole house full of them!" So, we drove home the rest of the way having a very simple talk God's plans for a daddy and a mommy who are married to make a baby. It's so interesting when and where these precious opportunities come up. It's definitely not when I plan for them!

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