Friday, April 24, 2009

David and His Slippers

David got out of his almost most embarrassing moment yesterday. I don't know how he got so lucky. He decided to work from home for a few hours and then he was going to take the 9:00am train into work. He normally leaves at 5:00am, but he was tired. Anyway, he got completely dressed, but he was wearing black slippers because he was at home working from the computer and didn't want to wear his work shoes in the house. When it came time to leave he actually left the house in his slippers, and then his boss called to tell him not to bother and just telecommute. He came back in the house to tell me he was staying home wearing his gun belt and everything. It was only then when he went to take off his shoes that he realized he had almost gone to work in his slippers. How did he escape??? I would have loved to be in the office that day!


The Chau Family said...

cute! i love that story :). i've missed seeing you around - haven't bumped into you for a few months :). will your kids be going to VBS? if so, we'll have to set up carpool and try to have breakfast together.

Kelli I. said...

Funny story! :)