Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Katja's Letter

We all adjusted in our ways. The year went fast and slow at the same time. The weekdays went by fast with work & the weekends slow with memories, especially Friday nights. This is the time Bob & I always spent together.

It’s becoming easier. After the USC football season, I no longer set out the LA Times Sunday sports section for him to read, and when the season of 24 started, I could no longer watch it. It was his favorite drama.

I miss his political discussions and his reading out loud any sports heartbreaking column from the Sunday paper, and I miss his hugs. He was such a hugger that this is the first thing I missed. There was such emptiness without him.

During this year, Bob would have been proud of USC winning over and over again, proud of Carissa making the Dean’s list, proud of his friends helping me through all that legal and financial paperwork, and proud that Avrielle and Chandler are growing up so beautifully.

Bob did not want to be forgotten and I don’t know how he thought this might happen. He is in his children’s and mother’s thoughts all the time, and he left us so many memories that are tied to our daily lives that we can assure him that he will never be forgotten.

We made it through all the holidays with Bob in our hearts and family made sure we were together. All I can say is that I have only the fondest memories of him, not one disagreement with him comes to mind, because he was always there to please and enjoy life and he would want us to do the same.

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Natalie said...

Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for sharing her letter. By the way, the gravestone is beautiful. I love that you have his picture on it. Thinking of you and praying for you!